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Management Consultants

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Engaged for DIRECTION, noted for RESULTS

Management Consultants

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Responsive real time strategy development to maximize opportunities


Inspiring people to
make a difference
in their company


Market intelligence and economic analysis drive decision-analysis


Optimization of processes and systems aligned to strategy


Best practice governance the foundation for strong performance

About Framework Partners Management Consultants

As Management Consultants we support organizations to achieve sustainable objectives. Our experts bring clarity to your complex problems and develop tailored solutions based on a rich background of real-life experience and proven and practical methods. Collaborating with leaders, we specialize in helping clients tackle strategy, operational excellence, governance and leadership, data analysis and interpretation challenges.

Based in Calgary, Framework works with organizations in Alberta and across the country, with a strong focus in the oil and gas sector.

Comfortable working with all levels of leadership and technical experts, Framework prides itself on developing practical solutions for our clients. Trusted by our clients, our consistent results are evidenced by our long-standing client relationships.


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